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Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Guard Dad, Mar 20, 2015.

  1. Guard Dad

    Guard Dad Administrator Staff Member

    Goats and Oleomargarine?
  2. ShoeDiva

    ShoeDiva Shoes!!!!

    Apparently it is a touchy subject, I, for one, did not even remember RoadRunner until you mentioned him. I still do not remember what I said about him, but since he disappeared.....

    So a news presence is the "missing element?"

    I did not state we all get into all forums, but actually Local News when posted by someone I do look at the story. At least there is commentary. I can agree, disagree, or skip it. I go to actual news sites if I just want to read a story, I come here for interaction, whether that be good or bad. :whistle
  3. naturegirl

    naturegirl Rolling down the highway Staff Member

    I sort of like the idea of coming here to discuss issues, both local and national. I enjoyed it before and I enjoy it now.
  4. stradial

    stradial Guest

    Not needed, G&O are everyone's favorites.
  5. ShoeDiva

    ShoeDiva Shoes!!!!

    I agree with you, I am not one to keep quiet on stories people post. I like it when we all discuss, disagree, agree on things we have found interesting or just want to talk about. I only disagree with flooding the front page with news links. I think if commentary is added to each one it keeps with what the local forum is about, interacting and sharing info.

    But it is not my forum and if the admin thinks the missing element of this place is news links.... :dunno Okay.
  6. I'm Floored

    I'm Floored Lover of BS! Staff Member

    I like the news addition, too. I have missed Road Runner a lot, and I know some of the members who aren't active here anymore wanted that feature.

    We have awesome interaction between our members, but I know some people look for news...that is hard to find (or at least it isn't always accessible - especially on the local level.)

    I'm sure as we get more used to it, more people will add their own opinions and discussion. I like to chew the fat with the best of them, but sometimes I'd like to discuss the issues that we're all faced with.

    I do appreciate the articles, GD. I hope it brings some of our other members back, too!
  7. cptlo306

    cptlo306 Pursuit Driver

    What/who was Road Runner?
  8. Guard Dad

    Guard Dad Administrator Staff Member

    It was a news bot we had for awhile.

    meep meep
  9. thanks, some of us don't really read this daily or even monthly and don't have time for the immaturity of graphic, mature (really immature) or potentially offensive.
    The warning gives me a heads up not to invite negativity and possible other trash into my home.

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